Granite and Quartz

Now we bring the Granite and Quartz worktops to the market! Solid stone worktops are the perfect choice if you want the very best from your kitchen and bathroom. Good-looking, hard-wearing, practical and value-enhancing; granite and quarz  worktops set the gold standard in contemporary kitchens.

What is Granite?     

Granite offers beauty, easy care and durability. Granite is consistently hard, with very dense grain, making it difficult to stain and hard to scratch.

What is Quartz?

Quality Kitchen is delighted to be able to offer quartz solid surface worktops. Quartz worktops are an extremely durable surface even stronger than granite. As they are a manufactured solid surface they have a uniformity and consistency of colour and pattern that you cannot achieve with granite.

Due to the fact that quartz worktops contain a small percentage of resin and that they are man-made, purer lighter colours can also be achieved. A pure white is available in the quartz ranges that is almost impossible to achieve in a natural stone worktop

Please visit us to see the samples, and we will tell you more!