Every kitchen is different. As  professionals our job is to find a solution for all your needs. In a perfect kitchen there is a combination of  beauty and  functionality.

From our selection you will find many choices of kitchen doors, worktops, handles, taps and sinks. We also have many options to help you to store  items in your  kitchen. This is functionality at its best!

We can also order any special items for example special doors, worktops etc. These items may  take longer to aquire  due to manufacturing processes.

The servicekitchens_tunnelmakuva.jpg

Good planning guaranties the best result. We like to start the planning of a kitchen by discussing  customers  wishes.  We go through the clients own ideas , requirements and budget. Then we will make a visit to the location and take measures of the kitchen.

We make the first plan, quotation and  3 D –image of your kitchen to be. Any changes are easy to make. When everything is agreed, the installation will start when scheduled.

The installation of a kitchen takes aproximatly 2-7 days. After installation we always make a checkup visit just to make sure that everything has gone according to the plan.

A well planned kitchen is painless to both parties.

Let us know your vision. We will fulfill it!